Encomia (of previous editions)

    “Reactionary stuff from Queensland. Entertaining. ‘Fear God and Honour the King’.”~~Laban Tall
    “Glorious stuff! More reactionary than I could have hoped.”~~Steve Edwards
    “It seems there’s a Lutheran version of C.L.”~~Kim
    “I wasn’t aware of Kim’s daffy comparison but I’m happy to be considered a Catholic version of MCB.”~~Currency Lad
    “Mild Colonial Boy, a blogger of superb musical taste.”~~Jason Soon
    “There is some great musicblogging on MCB’s blog, isn’t there? He’s got some great folk stuff up as well, and some very clever satire.”~~Sceptic Lawyer
    Quirky, conservative and all the better for it”~~Rob
    “Why don’t you have the courage to reveal your real name? Are you afraid of a law-suit from people you defame? Martin Luther was a piece of deranged scum, but at least he had guts.”~~McAnzac
    “In my not so humble opinion the “Mild Colonial Boy” (One of those types with not enough guts to reveal his own name – handy for slandering people anonymously) is not a real conservative but just another nut-job. His anti-Catholicism is pathological, and I say that as a non-Catholic. I can’t apparently post my own name below but it is Kevin Dunn and my e-mail is kdun1626@bigpond.net.au. So send me your real name if you’ve got the guts, Mildy, you pathetic little creep! Gutless maggots like you disgust me, and calling yourself “conservative”, an honourable title, is even more disgusting..”~~“Kevin Dunn”
    “Superb. I wish to hell I could write as well as this.”~~K.G.
    “Nice link by the way David, I think Mild Colonial Boy’s blog just about defines the term ‘objectification of women’.”~~Tane
    “Quite a good blog, the editor is a chap amongst chaps …. needless to say he is slightly vague at times, he also has cute names for the internet …. Others might disagree, but he is worth a look and a laugh.”~~Casapound
    “MCB, you have been made an honourary knight of the Republic of Rationalista for your excellent efforts and lucid thoughts!”~~Che’ Avocado
    “I don’t usually advertise my favourite blogs when I add them to my list, but this one is worth being highlighted…. Best introduction I’ve read in a long time. Verily a kindred spirit.”~~Underground Dude
    “I don’t much like Mild Colonial Boy’s politics but I like his style, and i have to admit, some of his values.”~~Jason Soon