Introducing the Editor


“classicist in literature, royalist in politics, and Anglo-Catholic in religion.”~~T.S. Eliot

The Editor of Mercurius Pragmaticus Redivivus is the Mild Colonial Boy, Esq; a Young(ish) Fogey hailing from the Colony of Queensland who one fine day decided to consign his dilatory and amateurish Scribblings on the Dreadful State of the World to this Aetheric Journal.

The Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. is a Nineteenth Century Tory exiled from his proper time and place and forced to eke out an existence in the Colonies in the barbaric and decadent Twenty-First Century. He is proudly Reactionary; a self-proclaimed Bunyip Aristocrat & Australian Tory, a fervent Monarchist, a devoted Anglophile, a Male Chauvinist, an Elitist with Pessimistic and Non-egalitarian sympathies, a Typewriter Agrarian & Modern Luddite, and a High Chruch Anglican (formerly Lutheran).

His critics may call him other things: such as, an Intolerant Prig and Bigot; a Terrible Snob, a Blackguard, a Pettifogger, and, on occasion, a Pompous Oaf with the unfortunate habit of speaking about himself in the third person.

Still you may count on Your Editor to Play the Game (and with a Straight Bat) and Keep a Stiff Upper Lip while:

  • Fearing God and Honouring the King
  • Being Intolerant and Judgemental
  • Having Fine Discriminating Tastes
  • Deferring to One’s Betters
  • Giving Foreign Johnnies Some Stick
  • Looking Down One’s Nose at the Hoi polloi (οἱ πολλοί)
  • Showing Noblesse Oblige
  • Declaiming “O Tempora! O Mores!”
  • Defending the British Empire
  • Defending The Permanent Things
  • Opposing False Religions
  • Demanding the Repeal of Universal Suffrage
  • Condescending to the Fairer Sex
  • Fighting the Red Menace
  • Applauding Privilige & Elitism & Inequality
  • Restoring the Gallows & the Gibbet & the Lash

At Present the Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. is Rusticating, Ruminating and Fulminating in genteel poverty on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland, far from the decadent fleshpots of Brisbane and the Coastal Cities where he can practice his Amateur pastimes of Phrenology and Physiognomy in comparative peace and quiet.